O Hai Ku

•September 18, 2007 • 1 Comment


we iz been lazee

we iz been playing teh gamez

contentz iz forgot


feetfirstfalling: Killin’ yr d00dz

•July 17, 2007 • 5 Comments


OMFG!! iz da musics fur da kittahz!!!! lol theyR singz leik I iz killin yr d00dz, N I M leik ‘no ways!!!!’ U R teh r0xx0rz!!11!! theyR leik we B teh 1337 r0xx0rz. N I M leik “d00dz!’ N they sezzed I R killin U R d00dz, d00dz. N I sezed lol, N got downs 2 teh funkeez beatz.

ENGLISH: This is kittahcore music. (laugh) Their song is ‘Killin’ your dudes. And I was like ‘ no way, you guys rock’ ….. look it goes on in a similar vein for a line or two without any rational context, just head on down to Revver to check it out.

Welcome to kittahcore.com!!!

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Hai and welcome to kittahcore.com, the blog all about kittahcore music. Though we are not cultural or media theorists, we predict kittahcore will be the defining musical movement of our generation – which is both a sad reflection on our generation and the current music scene. 

Please note: blog is presented in English for ease of comprehension and because the caps lock key is broken.